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When you're a spy, your life depends on tools that work. 

When you find something that works, it’s gold. The thing does its job, and you do yours. You go out and be a spy. Maybe, you save the world.

The Spy's Guide series has mental tools that work. 

The tools are useful under pressure. They bring focus. They remind us what sets us apart: We think.  

Bottom line: They work.  


The first (short) book is A Spy's Guide To Thinking.

The second is A Spy's Guide To Strategy. If you'd like to read the opening, it's here

The third is A Spy's Guide To Taking Risks. To read the opening, click here.

If you prefer fiction, a novella applies the lessons of the Spy's Guide series. It's The 24th Name and has lots of surprises. You can read the first chapter here.

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About John:

John Braddock was a case officer at the CIA. He developed, recruited and handled sources on weapons proliferation, counter-terrorism and political-military issues.


A former university research fellow, he is now a strategy consultant. He helps people and organizations think more effectively about their strategy, their customers and the competition.


To contact Mr. Braddock, email:

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