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Early Reviews For "A Spy's Guide To Strategy"

Last week, I asked subscribers to the Spy's Guide email list to read A Spy's Guide To Strategy. Of the dozens of volunteers, I chose ten. Of the ten, seven provided feedback by the deadline.

Here's what the early readers said:

"Your last book made me find out more about game theory and I bought the book 'Art of Strategy', which you mentioned in this book, too. So I was already familiar with some of the ideas and still your unique perspective and writing style presented these thought processes in a much more effective and applicable way. I was familiar with most concepts in your last book, too, and still gained a lot from it. In other books these theories are ideas or experiments that you can draw from. In your books they become tools, ready to use, Part of your Everyday Carry - instantly. You connect all the dots. Just great. Can't wait for the next one." - LM "You've given me a lot to think about and process when it comes to strategy. I'll be rereading this for sure." - PC "Great book! Your blending of academic understanding and personal experience shows a mastery of how theory and practical application are synergistic in this level of critical thinking. I like how you demonstrated the strategies' scale-ability from your boss to global issues. Again, the personal stories are a lot of fun and make the book a page turner." - KT "It's a great book!" - NV "The book is very well written. I easily followed your thought process. It took me some pauses to reconcile your thoughts through your different stories, but over all I was able to put the pieces together. It helped also when you summarized your thoughts at the end . . . It was a pleasure reading your new book. A job very well done." - AB "Loved it. Love the 'herky jerky' writing style. Love the interweaving of stories/anecdotes within the main story about the 'source'." - BF "It’s a delightful read. The stories are fantastic. I breezed through. . . I can’t wait to buy a bunch of copies for everybody I work with. That way I won’t have to keep explaining how strategy works." - BH Thank you to the early readers. Here's the cover design:

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