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What Russians Think About A Spy's Guide To Thinking + Strategy

Russian publishing house Alpina (Russian publisher of Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen Covey, and many others) has translated and combined A Spy's Guide To Thinking and A Spy's Guide To Strategy into a single volume.

Here's the cover:

Alpina posted reviews from two former Russian intelligence officials and an author (via Google Translate):

"John Braddock's book describes the 'pre-emptive way of thinking and the mechanism of behavior that professional scouts develop-to think a few steps ahead. Over the years, this self-discipline becomes a habit. Of course, these skills are applicable not only in intelligence and will be useful to all readers." - Andrei Bezrukov, an illegal scout, Colonel SVR retired "What Braddock writes about is not taught in schools or in universities. And in vain: the art of living among people is more important than professional knowledge. Some learn it 'in battle,' once hitting a difficult situation, others remain naive until the end of days. A corporation or a small company, a state institution, a department, a political party or a teacher's at school - in order to be successful in them, one must think, take into account the interests, build their strategy. People often hide their interests, lie, give out wishful thinking, promise and do not keep words. How to think in such a way as not to correct one mistake after another, but to get ahead of the situation; do not get irritated about unjustified expectations, but soberly assess others and maintain psychological comfort - that's what this book is about." - Denis Bukin, author of the best-selling book, "Development of memory according to the methods of special services" "In the Academy of Foreign Intelligence of Russia, where I studied in the early 90's, there was such an exciting discipline as 'information and analytical work'. They taught us to think right. The book of John Braddock is exactly about that. True, this is the view of a completely different school - the CIA school. The book is also curious because the first part of it is written, as if for 'dummies.' But the second one is for professionals. So you can recommend it for both beginners and professionals. It will not be boring! Provided that you really want to learn how to think, as in the special services." - Anatoly Ermolin, officer of the Separate Training Center of the KGB of the USSR (1985-1994).


Here are the English versions of A Spy's Guide To Thinking and A Spy's Guide To Strategy.

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