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Games In The Office

In the Spy's Guide books, Positive-Sum Games and Zero-Sum Games are a simple way to develop effective strategies.

Author Chris Illuminati (his real name) asked me how those games apply to strategies in office politics.

Here's how it starts:

Working in an office is oddly the same as working in the field of espionage. There are allies, enemies, allies who could become enemies and vice versa. There’s also intense negotiation to get more money, a more prominent title and not get fired if anything goes wrong.

“The key to success in business or espionage,” explains John Braddock, author of A Spy’s Guide to Thinking, “is knowing the decision-makers and the type of games they want to play with you.”

Braddock was a case officer for the CIA and developed, recruited and handled sources on weapons proliferation, counter-terrorism, and political-military issues. After retiring from the CIA, Braddock worked as a university research fellow. When he’s not penning books on spy techniques, he works as a strategy consultant.

These games Braddock is referring to . . .


For more on Positive-Sum and Zero-Sum Games and how they fit together, pick up A Spy's Guide To Strategy.

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